What customers are saying about Spotless Carpet, Tile and Upholstery Cleaning

“When the gentlemen arrived to clean the carpets they arrived 10 minutes early!!!  What a pleasant surprise!  They came in a clean van, professional attire and introduced themselves to me with a firm handshake.  I was given the opportunity to go thru what I needed cleaned and both men were very patient and walked thru the house with me.  I didn’t feel rushed or feel like they had to hurry to get their next job.  They took the time to explain to me what they were going to do and what type of results I can expect.  Once the job was complete I was THRILLED with the results.  I couldn’t believe they got some of the spots out that I was sure were permanent.  The carpet looks brand new again.  Overall, I was very pleased with the service, professionalism and quality of the work performed.  I will be using them again.  Thanks for making this such an easy process.  I would recommend Spotless Carpet to all my family and friends!”
-Teresa Hull

“I had a horrible spot that I tried to remove myself.  After three desperate, unsuccessful attempts, I called Spotless.  They worked on it and did their magic.  The area looks great!  I never thought they could get it out.  Spotless is awesome.  In addition, they kept me informed from the time I scheduled an appointment, I received emails letting me know what to expect on appointment day.  They called me the day of the appointment to let me know they would be a little bit late.  This was so much appreciated.  I’ve had numerous things done on my house over the years and I can tell you this is unique.  They are heads above their competitors.  I highly recommend Spotless.”
-Debbie Chance

“I have used Spotless several times over the past few years, and will again.  I get good service, quality work and reasonable prices.  They are very thorough and professional.”
-Al Graham

“We had carpet that is 22 years old and was top of the line.  It is a light color and goes down the basement stairs also, which gets a lot of traffic.  When your guys got done it looked so good, every spot is gone and it’s as pretty as it was when it was new.  The men are always friendly, fast and efficient.  I really like the fact that you don’t have to mess with attaching to our water.  Very very pleased.”
-Valerie Slater

“Very happy with Spotless Carpet.  Have been using them for several years.  Always on time.”
-Gil’s Supper Club

“Spotless is great! Very prompt, professional and nice. Extremely conscientious and courteous. I have had them clean our carpets for a few years now and they do a great job. I have a well, so the fact that they have their own water supply is a must for my house!”
-Barbara Belt

“Spotless came at around 12:30 and left around 3:30 and cleaned six rooms, the steps and a hallway.  All the carpet looked great and didn’t take long to dry.  I was very pleased that they were able to get right up to the baseboards on all the rooms.  They even got out spots in the carpets that had been there for years!”
-Diana Stewart-Peters

“I have three grandchildren that live with me. As a result, I had terribly stained furniture.  Now it looks almost new again.  It’s amazing how good it came clean.”

“You are so much better than (name of competitor deleted), they leave carpet so wet and it takes days to dry! Our carpet is cleaner and dries in hours when Spotless cleans it!
-Beth & Kenny Poston 

“Spotless Carpet is great at cleaning carpets!  I own a number of rentals and they make the carpets look like almost new.”
-Ron Hillman

“Spotless got all the spots out of my carpet.  With an elderly dog I never thought I would have spot free carpet…but my carpet now looks great.”
-Tracy Molendi

“Spotless employees were courteous and respectful of my house by wearing blue shoe covers and explaining what they were doing, cost and amount of time they would be working.  Keep up the good service and make sure all add-on services (hallways, rugs, spray, etc.) are value-priced.”    
-Tony Simmons

“Spotless employees were very professional and friendly.  They made sure all areas of concern were to my satisfaction before leaving.  Spotless will definitely be recommended and used again in the future”.
-Ann Wilson

“We had an old, sick dog on chemotherapy that wreaked havoc on our carpeting.  Spotless cleaned the stains much better than the steam cleaners.  It also doesn’t soak the carpet like the steam cleaners.”        

“I will use Spotless for all my future carpet, tile or upholstery cleaning.  The technicians that were sent were very professional and proficient.  The cost was also very reasonable.”
-William Jones

“Spotless did an outstanding  job on our dirty carpet.  They took the time to go over the dirty spots until they were clean. Very friendly!”
-Harry & Debbie O’Brien

“I called Spotless Cleaners after my child had vomited all over our carpet all night. They were able to come the next day and did a wonderful job!”
-Ty Sullivan

“Spotless always does an excellent job and if you’re not satisfied they will make it right.  Great people and very friendly.”
-Margie Dearing

“The gentlemen who came to clean our carpets were extremely friendly and professional.  They worked quickly and did quality work.  We were on the verge of buying new flooring…but they saved us at least another year or two!  I was amazed at all the stains they removed…especially since most were made by a two year old baby and a Doberman!  Thanks again!”
-Dustin & Megan Kobylarz

“We have always been pleased with the quick response and scheduling not to mention the excellent job always done.”
-Randy & Leslie Leitner

“We have used other companies and have never been satisfied with the heavy traffic areas.  The products your company uses produces the results we hoped for.  We have also been very pleased with the professionals you employ.  They are quick, kind and complete in their work.”
-Jayne Gray

“Spotless is always on time, professional and always leave carpets clean and almost dry when done. They are the only ones that clean our carpets.”
-Douglas & Kami Greisbaum

“Spotless easily extended the life of our 10 year old carpet for at least one more year!  Now we can save up properly to buy new carpet next year.”
-Mark & Amy Fabish

“The Spotless team was on time and did an excellent job, it was like new carpet.  They went above and beyond, when I asked if they could clean a small spot in my bedroom, that had just happened and they did.  I was very happy with the service I received.”
-Lori Martin

“Spotless Carpet Cleaning was “spot on” with their professionalism and service!  They were thorough and quick, not to mention respectful and clean.  I would definitely give them referrals.”
-Amanda & Jeff Waddell

“Spotless lives up to its name!  Our carpets were clean, dry and spotless in a few hours…and at a fraction of the cost.  We will definitely call Spotless again”
-Chris & Katie Kappes

“Your employees listened to my concerns about areas (doorways) that other companies did not address.  On time and efficient.  I will use your company in the future.”
-Toni Mitchell

“Spotless came exactly on time.  The two-man team was efficient and very friendly.  They took care with our furniture and put plastic under it when done.  It’s nice to get people who take pride in doing a good job!  Thank you!”
-Thomas Jones

“Spotless not only cleaned my carpet but has that extra touch of kindness and consideration before, during and after the job.  I would definitely recommend them!”
-Char O’Connor

“Price was unbelievable.  Spotless employees were respectful and courteous.  Pet stained carpet and highly trafficked area now look brand new!”
-Brande Ruskusky

“Love the service.  Floors look like new.  Guys were very friendly and professional.”
-Diane Hostettler

“Cleaners were very prompt and on time!”
-Jacquie Bracey

“Very pleased with the results.  Rugs looked like brand new again.  Can’t tell you how pleased I was.  Marvelous, marvelous, marvelous!”
-Joan Bussert

“Spotless Cleaning staff were professional, courteous, and most importantly, got our carpets clean.  Drying time was shorter than most other cleaning services and prices are competitive.”
-Dana Hamann

“Our carpet is getting old and Spotless made it look like new!”
-Joanne Lee

“I used another professional carpet cleaner several years ago, but was unhappy with the results. This is the second time I have used Spotless. Your employees were very courteous, on time and I would recommend them to my friends and neighbors.”
-Kenny Holmstrom

“The Spotless workers were very professional and worked together well.  The carpet looked new when they were finished.”
-Mel Kelch

“Spotless was very professional and I’m very happy with the results.  I’ve already told three other people about you.”
-Anne Smith

“Your service is always timely and excellent.  Service people are friendly and are trustworthy.  Carpets dry quickly.”
-Karen Friend

“Pleasant employees, from the woman on the phone to the guys cleaning the carpets.”
-Brian Stanton

“Spotless did a great job cleaning all my rooms.  Your staff was on time and very professional.  The rates were much better than (name of competitor deleted).  I will definitely be telling others about your service!”
-Danielle Lloyd

“I appreciated the professionalism of the two gentlemen that did the cleaning.  They got up spots that I couldn’t.  They were also very efficient.”
-Dolores Sheen

“It was a great experience getting our carpet cleaning done by Spotless.”
-Abhishek Seth

“The gentlemen who came to do my carpets were on time, very efficient, moved all my furniture and in a few short hours everything was back in place and looked like new.”
-Mary Slevin

“The carpet turned out very good and dried fast.  I will be using Spotless again and will tell other people how good you did.  I appreciate it.”
-Jeffery Pendleton

“The Spotless technicians were thorough, courteous and went the extra mile to make sure my carpet looked great before the holidays!  Thanks!”
-Jennifer Lynch

“Spotless was “spot-on”.  I was in a pinch and they responded within two days.  Their crew was even early for my scheduled time!  Nice job.”
-Dan Shadid

“The gentlemen who did the cleaning were very friendly and courteous and did an excellent job.”
-Dane Johnson

“My carpet looks brand new!”
-Robyn MacDonald

“Always a timely arrival and very friendly.
-Richard Love

“Thank you so much…looking forward to using Spotless again in the future.”
-Jennifer Keedy

“Great service and results.  Thanks!”
-Brett & Yoko Rupp

“Great service! Clean, clean carpets!”
-Susan Sarver